The Mini & Mid Facelift

Posted on April 25th, 2013 by Dr. Albert Carlotti

When done correctly, a facelift can improve not only your appearance, but your self-esteem and overall health. However not everyone’s facial needs are the same, and deciding which parts of your face need work can be a challenge. We understand that different people have different needs, and at the Carlotti center we work with you to make sure the treatment you receive is the very best. Our 4-D facelift is what many choose to achieve the best results, however not everyone needs such an extensive procedure. Check out some of the less invasive facelift procedures available to decide which facelift is best for you.

Mini Face Lift– The mini-lift is a less-invasive procedure that involves a smaller incision and works on a smaller area of the face than a traditional 4-D facelift. It is designed to improve the appearance of jowls and loose skin in the neck with less dramatic results than a 4-D facelift. We numbs the lower part of the patient’s face with anesthesia, and then make an incision from the patient’s sideburn, around the ear, toward the bottom of the hairline. We then tighten the connective tissue under the skin, remove excess skin, and close the incision with small sutures. Because of the smaller area being worked on, this technique takes less time than a 4-D facelift, therefore recovery time is shorter.

Medium Facelift– The Mid-facelift is another less invasive procedure in which we make tiny incisions in the hairline above the patient’s ear and inside the mouth. During the procedure, we pull the fat pads in the cheeks up and over the cheekbones to tighten sagging skin in the cheekbone area. This one-to-two hour procedure is another alternative for anyone looking for a simpler facelift to repair specific parts of the face.

With all of the benefits, it’s a great idea to see if a mini or medium facelift might be for you. Drs. Albert and Michelle Carlotti go to great length to systematically explain what your prospective surgical process entails, from start to finish, spending time with each client pre-procedure to ensure a safe and successful operation. Furthermore, extensive digital photography and comprehensive computer generated imaging techniques are utilized to highlight the final stunning results. For all your deluxe 5-star cosmetic procedure needs, make the Carlotti Center your first call. To schedule a consultation, call on (480) 947-7700 today!

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