The Four Dimensional Facelift: The Art of Recreating Youth

Posted on February 6th, 2014 by Dr. Albert Carlotti

Face lift Scottsdale Arizona Patient Dr's Carlotti

4D Face lift Patient of Dr’s Carlotti

Facelifting is a surgical art of recreating youth. It is easy to appreciate that the signs of aging have been addressed on this mid-late forty something year old very attractive woman. The incisions are concealed into the ear and hairline.

The Four Dimensional Facelift performed by Dr’s. Albert and Michelle Carlotti allows them to re-contour the face and re-suspend/re-position the facial muscles to give a beautifully natural result. The pulled, distorted appearance that most of us fear is averted by using this superior technique.

After consulting with Michelle Cabret-Carlotti, MD, the above patient proceeded with multiple small procedures and the Carlotti Four Dimensional Facelift with Dr’s. Michelle and Albert Carlotti to get this refreshed, youthful new her approximately six weeks post-operatively.”

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