Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is available to accomplish chin advancement and accentuation of the jaw line with the placement of custom-contoured chin implants. At the Carlotti Center for Cosmetic Surgery, the Drs. Carlotti utilize their extensive training in maxillofacial (surgery on the jaws) and cosmetic surgery to provide outstanding results for their patients.

Many cosmetic surgeons place chin implants by making an incision underneath the chin. The greatest flaw with this technique is that they are unable to alter the common bony asymmetry of the chin bone itself which can result in a post-surgical asymmetry.

Chin Augmentation
Chin Augmentation

Secondly, it is very difficult to assess facial midline and place the implant on facial midline. Right-handed plastic surgeons viewing the chin from below with this technique will often place the implant improperly off midline to the right. Finally, in isolated chin implant placement, the technique requires a skin incision on the facial skin of the neck.

Drs. Albert and Michelle Carlotti, trained extensively in skeletal surgery, use an intra-oral approach to chin surgery which allows a camouflage of the incision, recontouring of the bony chin asymmetry if present, assessment of facial midline by viewing the chin from top-side down, placement of the chin implant on facial midline and fixation (stabilization) of the implant with small, non-palpable, titanium screws assuring that the implant will never move. The incision is closed with absorbable sutures (melt away on their own) and there is no increase in the rate of infection.

Chin Augmentation Recovery
The recovery for chin surgery is rapid. Following the resolution of majority of swelling some 72 hours after their cosmetic surgery, most patients are able to return to work or school. A decrease in lower lip sensation is temporary and normal sensation will return in 10-14 days. Within two weeks, the sutures will have dissolved and the incision will begin to disappear. Excellent hygiene is essential with the use of an antibiotic mouth rinse (Peridex) and tooth-brushing three times per day. The patient is placed on post-operative antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication following this cosmetic procedure. The Carlotti Center’s chin augmentation results speak for themselves!

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