Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation provides more prominent, fuller cheekbones resulting in a more youthful appearance. Many attractive people have strong cheek bones due to adequate soft tissue in this area which Drs.Carlotti can achieve with cheek implants. Cheek implants are meant to take your cheeks and give them a more aesthetic overall size and shape.

The Carlotti Center can correct deficient cheek structure which can make the face appear drawn and gaunt with cheek implants. Cheeks which are too fatty, or large, can make us look overweight and heavy. When cheek augmentation is performed incorrectly it can make us look very unnatural. There is a definite balance, so choosing a skilled cosmetic surgeon is imperative.

For the treatment of patient with adequate size and shape of cheek bones, the treatment of this condition involves precise repositioning of their cheek fat pad in the vector, or direction, from which it migrated over the years. However, in patients with inadequate cheek bone size and position, “pulling” the cheek pad up and back will shortly result in relapse. As the analogy continues, reinforcing the shingling on the roof will not help support the weight of the rain. Rather, we recommend that we enhance the facial skeleton (a.k.a. support the roof) by augmenting the cheekbones with implants. This is simply done by placing precisely sized and positioned cheek implants.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery

There are many techniques for the placement of facial implants, however most lack the ability to precisely examine the native underlying bone, alter asymmetry and carefully position both cheek implants under direct vision to achieve symmetry of size and position. Secondly, most surgeons fail to “fixate” or secure the position these implants which more times than none causes horrible post-operative migration of these implants disfiguring the patient. We have removed countless implants placed by other surgeons whereby they may have originally been placed correctly, but due to the forces of gravity and the movement of the facial muscles have changed position overtime. This is unacceptable to all patients.

The Carlotti Center technique is to create a small access opening to the cheek bones from inside the upper lip. The tremendous advantage to this access point is that it is painless to the patient, it does not leave a noticeable scar and it allows direct visualization of the patient’s cheek bone structure, alteration of asymmetry and precise positioning and fixation (with bone tacks) of the implant.

Cheek Augmentation Recovery

Once healed, the cheek implants look and feel like the patients normal bone structure. The oral incision is closed with stitches that are reabsorbable. For patients undergoing a simultaneous facelift, this allows phenomenal support of the cheek fat pad and not only enhances the initial result, but more importantly, enhances the longevity of the result. Results simply last longer.