Brow Lift

The Carlotti Center’s endoscopic brow lifting technique benefits from the use of new techniques and highly specialized instruments for a facial cosmetic surgery procedure that is long-lasting, safe and predictable. Brow lift surgery is truly a minimally invasive procedure. Traditional approaches for cosmetic surgeons involved an ear-to-ear incision which removed scalp and hair. This traditional type of cosmetic procedure has the reputation of multiple complications including brow asymmetry, facial nerve injuries, pulling back of the hairline, scalp scarring and hair loss.

Brow Lift
Brow Lift

Patients with drooping forehead muscles and a brow often have a “fatigued” or “mean” appearance around the eyes. Typically, droopy eyelids occur first in aging of the upper third of the face. Extra eyelid skin or fat pockets underneath the skin of the upper eyelids occurs typically later in life. Therefore, brow lifting in younger patients without eyelid surgery is indicated more often. Older patients may require both browlifting and eyelid surgery to rejuvenate the upper third of the face and periorbital area. Therefore, Drs. Albert and Michelle Carlotti suggest being weary of those who tell you that the only surgical procedure in their practice is eyelid surgery and not the endoscopic brow lift. Often this is recommended because that is the facial cosmetic procedure that the plastic surgeon is trained to perform, but not what is optimal for the patient.

The Carlotti’s are highly-trained and respected practitioners of facial cosmetic surgery whose exceptional endoscopic brow lift technique is carried out as follows:

  • Two small incisions in the inside of the upper lip and mouth release the muscles in a way that prevents facial nerve injury
  • Without removing any skin or hair from the scalp, the brows are symmetrically elevated and secured to the skull utilizing resorbable bone tacks that allow rapid healing
  • Four tiny (1.5cm or less) incisions concealed in the hair bearing skin of the scalp are used as entry for an endoscope (fiberoptic camera) and a laser
  • These state-of-the-art electronic instruments are used to access the strongly attached muscles of the forehead, brow, crow’s feet and glabella (fullness between the eyes

The Drs. Carlotti often perform this procedure in 40 minutes or less under a General Anesthetic or IV Sedation. Their results speak for themselves! Are you also considering a Face lift surgery? Learn more by having a consultation with the Dr’s Carlotti. Call today setup your consultation 480-947-7700