Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial Cosmetic Surgery
Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery is a primary focus of the Carlotti Cosmetic Surgery Center. Doctors Albert Carlotti and Michelle Cabret-Carlotti are experienced, board-certified and respected Maxillofacial Surgeons, offering a host of cosmetic options including four-dimensional face lifts, rhinoplasty, brow lifts, cheek augmentation, chin augmentation, eyelid lifts, ear cosmetic surgery¬†and more. We’ll take the time to sit with you and gain an understanding of your goals, help to address and alleviate your concerns, and provide a better understanding of the procedures at play and what you can expect going forward. Plastic surgery is a big decision, and we will make sure that you are well-informed and well cared for. Schedule your initial consultation today.

If you’re considering a face lift, rhinoplasty or any other facial cosmetic surgery procedure finding the right cosmetic surgeon is paramount. Questions to consider during your search include:

  • Does your cosmetic surgeon have adequate residency training related to the procedures they perform in practice?
  • Does your cosmetic surgeon have experience in the performance of these procedures in private practice?
  • Does your cosmetic surgeon have Fellowship Training beyond residency which focused specifically on cosmetic surgery?
  • Is the majority of your surgeon’s practice dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and management of the cosmetic surgery patient?
  • Do you feel comfortable that your cosmetic surgeon understands your concerns and goals?
  • Do you feel that your cosmetic surgeon cares about your safety and utilizes state-of-the-art technology to minimize risk and maximize benefits?
  • Is your cosmetic surgeon focused on continuing education?
  • Does your cosmetic surgeon seem to have a gentle bedside manner?
  • Are you provided with “Before/After” photos of previous patients and are you allowed to speak with previous patients regarding their experience?
  • Does your cosmetic surgeon lecture annually on the national level on techniques of cosmetic surgery?
  • Has your cosmetic surgeon won awards for presentations on national levels to cosmetic surgeons from around the world?

Drs. Albert and Michelle Carlotti can answer “yes” to all of these critically important questions. Since they operate as a team with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist for all major procedures, you will benefit from their combined training and experience and both a male and female perspective for the best results possible.