Internal Breast Lift

A pervasive problem in cosmetic surgery today is the retreatment of malposed and migrating breast implants with asymmetry of cleavage, inframammary folds and overall implant position. Typically this patient population is young, thin and may have had several attempts by other surgeons for retreatment with or without capsulotomy. Oftentimes the patient is then recommended to undergo formal mastopexy, or breast lift, to correct this acquired deformity but is reluctant to do so because of the stigmata of unfavorable breast scarring. Traditional breast lifts involve incision placement around the nipples and vertically below the nipples into the scar. Drs. Carlotti at the Carlotti Center for Cosmetic Surgery are the only surgeons in the State of Arizona who perform this revolutionary procedure for their patients. The Internal Breast lift procedure is less invasive and leaves scars that are smaller and less visible.

In January of 2006 in Orlando, Florida Drs. Carlotti presented this revolutionary technique to surgeons from around the country at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery International national meeting.

Method of Surgery

Originally described by Dr. Metcalf, the Internal Breast Lift was developed to treat malposed breast implants with a minimally invasive technique. The original technique has been modified in numerous ways and now provides a predictable and unique approach to reconstruct the normal anatomy and cosmetic appearance of the augmented female breast. Instead of the conspicuous nipple and anchor incisions, this technique involves only a 2 inch incision below the breast. From this opening, the old implants are removed, the breast is lifted internally and the new implants (typically cohesive gel silicone implants) are placed.

The Internal Breast Lift is accomplished by the efforts of both Dr. Albert and Dr. Michelle Carlotti while the patient is placed under an IV anesthetic. The procedure is performed under the strictest sterile technique and typically is completed in an hour to an hour and a half. The incisions are covered and the patient is placed into their Natori bra which may be purchased by the patient at Nordstrom.


For all intents and purposes, this is a reconstructive rather than cosmetic procedure. Patients are advised to limit all lifting greater than 5-10 pounds for 30 days and refrain from high impact exercising and upper body weight lifting for 3 months following the procedure. The moderate of amount of discomfort following this procedure subsides in 3-4 days; however it is well controlled by pain medication.

The limitation of the procedure is that it is not possible to drastically change a preexisting nipple asymmetry and the goal is to improve breast position, shape and size, not achieve perfection. For the woman seeking an alternative to a traditional breast lift to correct malposed breast implants, this new corrective procedure provides dramatic results without the unsightly scars!

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