Choose a Highly Skilled Surgeon for Your Facelift

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 by Dr. Albert Carlotti

Carlottis Skilled Scottdale Facelift SurgeonsFacelifts are the most exacting of all cosmetic surgeries, demanding a doctor with the highest level of surgical skill and a well-developed aesthetic sense, if pleasing, natural-looking results are to be achieved. You certainly have a choice of Scottsdale facelift surgeons to perform the cosmetic procedure you’ve been wanting, but cosmetic surgeons have widely varying amounts of experience and skill. You want your facelift to make you look younger, without making you look unnatural. With the stakes so high – this is your face and thus your appearance to the world, after all – you certainly should take utmost care in picking your facelift physician. So how do you decide who you’re going to entrust your looks and image to?

Dr. Albert Carlotti and Dr. Michelle Cabret-Carlotti, founders of The Carlotti Center for Cosmetic Surgery, are uniquely qualified to perform the most sophisticated facelift available in Scottsdale today. Called the four-dimensional facelift, this procedure goes much more than just “skin deep.” It actually resculpts and reposition the delicate and complex tissues underlying the face and neck, including critical tissues around the eyes and eyelids, the nose, the ears, the jaw and the chin.

Compared to body cosmetic surgeries, for example those performed to improve the look of the breasts or abdomen, surgeries of the face and neck take place in a very small yet very high-profile area, one where changes of just millimeters can make a very noticeable difference. Achieving symmetry and a natural look while avoiding the creation of imperfections requires exacting standards and extreme care. Precise anatomical knowledge is essential. It’s said that facelifts are the ultimate test among cosmetic surgeries – that, is a surgeon who can perform an excellent facelift can be counted on to deliver excellent results for any other cosmetic procedure, too.

Although facelifts are one of the most common cosmetic surgeries, and their popularity has skyrocketed along with the popularity of cosmetic surgery in general, not all surgeons have the experience and training to deliver optimal results. The Drs. Carlotti have an almost unmatched background when it comes to surgeries of the head, face and neck. Both of the Drs. Carlotti have earned doctorates in dental surgery as well as M.D. degrees with a specialization in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Thus, the Drs. Carlotti have extensive training and experience in how the structures of the face work together, which is crucial for obtaining the desired facelift results.

When you choose The Carlotti Center for your Scottsdale facelift, you’ll have two well-qualified doctors working to achieve the best-looking you possible! In aesthetic matters, you’ll also get a unique combination of a male and a female perspective that you’ll get nowhere else.

It should also be noted that as an elective surgery with a subjective element, the most satisfying cosmetic surgery is conducted as a collaboration between patient and doctor, from initial consultation through to aftercare and followup. Thus, in additional to a high level of technical skill, you should look for a cosmetic surgeon with the listening and communication skills to develop a rapport with you and to truly understand your wants and goals for your surgery. The Drs. Carlotti offer just this kind of understanding and comprehensive care.

In addition to the expertise of the Drs. Carlotti themselves, The Carlotti Center for Cosmetic Surgery provides the safety of a board-certified anesthesiologist during surgical procedures, as well as a caring and courteous staff to support you at all times. Whether you’re interested in a facelift, breast augmentation, liposculpture or other cosmetic procedure, call the Carlotti Center today at (480) 947-7700.

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