Carlotti Skin Care Center

Today in Arizona, there are an abundance of facilities and spas that purport themselves as skin care experts in the diagnosis and treatment of an array of skin conditions. Oftentimes patients are misled to believe that these treating skin care staff are properly trained and supervised by trained physicians. Unfortunately, in an effort to avoid permanent injury, the treatment menus at these facilities are meant to -feel and smell good but treat very little-, says Dr. Michelle Carlotti.

Dermato-corrective treatments are protocols designed to provide specific results appropriate to a specific diagnosis of a particular skin condition for an individual patient. Although many of these treatments may feel good as well, the focus of our level of skin care, under the specific direction of one of our physicians, is to PROVIDE REAL RESULTS, while minimizing risks and down-time. If for example during a consultation with our skin care staff, a suspicious lesion is noted, Dr.Carlotti is always available to provide a consultation.

At the Carlotti Center, we take comprehensive medical history information, identify allergies and review a “skin care history” with you to identify all current products and cosmetics you may use. Then after a thorough exam under magnification is completed, we will make recommendations on how you can improve your skin condition, slow the process of aging and create a treatment protocol that will help you achieve your desired results. Finally, all skin care products are selected from the specific product lines hand-picked for the Carlotti Center.

The Carlotti Center carries select products from different vendors which are the best in each of their respective categories. Some product lines are better at certain specific products, for example moisturizers for patients with dry skin, than others. Some products are available by physician prescription only and may be covered by your insurance! This is the difference between the Carlotti Center and so many others!