Breast Augmentation

Posted on January 29th, 2014 by Dr. Albert Carlotti


This is a 29 year old female that was self conscious of the asymmetry and shape of her breast. Primary breast augmentation is a very common procedure used to increase the size and/or change the shape of a woman’s breast to a certain extent.

A breast implant can be saline or silicone in composition and may be placed subglandular (under the breast tissue) or subpectoral (under the muscle). Some surgeon’s may tout a split muscle technique.

After being referred by two friends that had also had breast surgery with Drs.  Albert and Michelle Carlotti and consulting with Michelle Cabret-Carlotti, MD, she opted for the proposed treatment plan of a primary breast augmentation with Allergan Natrelle Style 20 silicone gel implants in a subpectoral position.

The breast augmentation was completed using Allergan Natrelle 450cc silicone gel on the right and Allergan Natrelle 425cc silicone gel on the left. Careful attention was paid to balance the inframammary creases and improve the patient’s natural asymmetry.

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