Breast Augmentation and Healing

Posted on February 24th, 2014 by Dr. Albert Carlotti

Breast Augmentation and Healing

breast-augmentation-healingEveryone heals differently, and that could easily change the nature and duration of recovery. We look at each woman we see for breast augmentation in Scottsdale, Arizona, as completely unique, and each treatment plan we develop is custom-tailored as a result. Dr Albert and Dr Michelle Carlotti are committed to making recovery as comfortable and quick as possible.

One of the biggest factors in determining the quality and duration of recovery is what happens during surgery itself. That’s why we use advanced techniques, board-certified anesthesiologists, and certified operating facilities. In fact, all of our breast surgeries are performed at The Carlotti Center, our own outpatient surgery center.

Because we are responsible for this facility, we know the safety standards required of the excellent nurses and anesthesiologists who work here. We also provide very clear post-surgical guidelines and support so that women feel empowered to make the most of their recovery. By arming them with information and by being available, we providing peace of mind as a team.


Feeling relaxed and confident can do wonders to speed recovery. Why Expectations Matter Proper planning is essential for a complete and comfortable recovery from breast enhancement. We tell our Phoenix and Scottsdale patients that they need to take enough time off from work so that they’re not going back to the office before their recovery is complete.

They should also arrange to have someone help them around the house, and have enough food and beverages on hand. The bottom line: being realistic is being honest, and in a patient-surgeon relationship, honesty about what to expect during recovery is absolutely essential.

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