Brachioplasty Improves the Look of Upper Arms

Posted on September 27th, 2012 by Dr. Albert Carlotti

Carlotti Brachioplasty Arm LiftIn middle age, or after significant weight loss, sagging arms can become an unattractive and somewhat embarrassing problem. Going sleeveless should be an option for much of the year in mild climates like ours, but many women feel that they can’t dress comfortably and stylishly in outfits that reveal their upper arms. Whether because of excess fat or loose skin, it’s common for women to dislike the appearance of their arms, to the extent that upper-arm flabbiness has been given common nicknames such as “bat wings” or “lunch lady arms.”

To add to the pressure, many female celebrities put their well-toned arms on display at every opportunity – First Lady Michelle Obama, a frequent wearer of sleeveless dresses, comes to mind. While the First Lady is an advocate of exercise and a proper diet, sometimes exercise and diet just won’t get arms back into shape. The underside of the upper arm is an area frequently targeted in women’s exercise routines, but for some people no amount of exercise produces satisfactory results. Sometimes an arm lift, a procedure known as brachioplasty in medical terminology, is the only realistic way to improve the appearance of the arms.

Carlotti Armlift Before & After

Carlotti Brachioplasty Patient Before & After

Brachioplasty is a surgical method that removes excessive fatty tissue of the upper arms and the loose skin that hangs from the triceps region. The Carlotti Center performs arm lifts for women – and some men – who have disproportionately full upper arms due to excessive amounts of fat deposited there, or who have flaps of loose, sagging skin that they find unsightly. Unfortunately, even something as positive as a large weight loss, perhaps even losing post-pregnancy weight, can create sagging arms, since the “extra” skin that has grown to accommodate expansion of the arms still remains after the fat is lost. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, arm lifts are one of the four most common cosmetic surgeries that people opt for following a very large weight loss.

As with all procedures performed at the Carlotti Center, we fully educate prospective brachioplasty patients about the procedure they are considering, and about what will happen before, during and after surgery. Incisions must be made in order to perform the arm lift, and although the surgery can now be performed with less scarring than would have resulted in the past, some scarring will be visible. Brachioplasty scars will fade with time, however, and their appearance can be further reduced if necessary by treatments such as intense pulse light (IPL) and fractional laser treatments (Active FX).

After arm lift surgery, there will be swelling that peaks in two or three days but that largely disappears after two weeks. Patients may be required to wear a compression garment to help the arm heal, and have to avoid strenuous exercise, especially heavy lifting that would involve the triceps, for four to six weeks.

If you’re interested in finding out more about brachioplasty, or any other body or facial cosmetic surgery procedure, explore The Carlotti Center for Cosmetic Surgery website, and contact the Drs. Carlotti for a consultation at (480) 947-7700.

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