Before and After Photos

This gallery is a small sample of the thousands of successful cosmetic surgery procedures that Drs. Albert & Michelle Carlotti have performed. The patients featured in these photographs are actual cosmetic surgery patients of the Carlotti Center who have proudly given consent for the use of their photographs. The results featured in these photographs represent the individual’s unique cosmetic surgery objectives, and your own patient results will likely vary based on your own unique cosmetic surgery goals.

In reviewing these patients results, Drs. Carlotti will encourage you think about what cosmetic transformation that you would like to achieve. The Carlotti Center is committed to your cosmetic and aesthetic brilliance, and offer consultations to discuss your unique cosmetic surgery goals.

4 Dimensional Face Lift

Breast Augmentation


Breast Lift


Brow Lift

Cheek Augmentation

Neck Lift


Breast Reduction

Mommy Makeover

Please note, all patients have given their consent to have their photos posted here, and all information is strictly confidential. All before and after photographs are of actual patients of Dr’s. Carlotti and may not be copied or reproduced for any reason without the expressed permission of the practice and the patients themselves who have given written authorization for the use of their photographs in this format. Violation of this will constitute theft of private medical records and violators of this will be subject to criminal and civil prosecution.

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