A Modeling Career Temporarily Shattered

Posted on February 8th, 2014 by Dr. Albert Carlotti

Megan Carlotti Cosmetic Surgery Center Scottsdale

Megan ~ Professional Model

It was with great humility and caution that I approached Megan’s case. Her agent from The Agency of Arizona referred her to see if we could repair what was deemed to be a potentially career ending injury. Megan had unfortunately suffered multiple lacerations of her face from a fall while playing around with her brother.

The shattered glass from her glasses created jagged wounds. Her mother Nancy took her to John C. Lincoln emergency room and requested a cosmetic surgeon. She was taken to the operating room by a board certified plastic surgeon and repairs attempted. Nancy and Megan later found out that the board certified plastic surgeon was principally a hand surgeon as plastic surgery does not equate to cosmetic surgery. Furthermore, not all board certified plastic surgeons operate on the face; many do primarily breast or body procedures.

Unfortunately, skin edges were not lined up properly and distortion of an eye was quite notable and hence the Agents of this runway, very much up and coming supermodel quality young lady feared her career was in jeopardy. Her New York Agent asked that she see multiple surgeons and hence she saw multiple Scottsdale board certified plastic surgeons. Given Megan’s hispanic heritage and darker skin, caution and meticulous closure are critical.

A combination of Botox Cosmetic to quiet the muscle movement during the healing period, a complete and total excision of the previous surgeon’s closures was performed in the operating room at The Carlotti Center, then a few months later a light CO2 laser was used. Within a few short months, Megan is making us all proud as her career is taking off again. We miss Megan as much of her modeling work is done in New York City and Europe…………we are all so proud of this outcome but even more of Megan who is so BEAUTIFUL both inside and out.


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