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Reviews From Our Raving Fans!

“Drs. Albert & Michelle Carlotti at The Carlotti Cosmetic Surgery Center perform a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures, 40% of which are revision (re-do) surgery for patients who have had “botched” procedures by other plastic surgeons. Patients have both emotional and physical scars to tend to with compassion and expertise.  It takes a lot of guts for patients to undergo the knife to fix problems, often at their own additional expense.  The Carlotti’s will help the patient through every step of the way in dealing with those challenges and help them achieve a much improved result.”


My entire life I’ve been so self conscious of my nose and my small breasts — thank you, Dr. Michelle, for giving me the confidence to rock the stage and this amazing photo shoot!! I couldn’t be happier with my results!!!


Botched Scottsdale Un- Botched by Carlotti Center

When I first met Dr. Carlotti I was emotionally and physically exhausted. My previous surgery prior to Dr. Carlotti left me with little hope. He took the time to explain and discuss treatment with my husband and I. He was also sympathetic to my emotional state.

After my consultation with him I felt a renewed sense of hope and confidence. My surgical experience with Dr. Carlotti was excellent and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I only wish I had found him sooner.

~ Adrienne – An Extremely Grateful Carlotti Center Patient

Look and Feel Extraordinary!

Molly Edwards - Carlotti Center Patient

“After a great deal of research on many plastic surgeons in the Valley, I chose the Drs. Carlotti.  They take the necessary time to meet with their clients and fully understand their needs before undertaking any procedure, plus they truly listen.  I highly recommend them for anyone wanting to look and feel extraordinary!!”

Molly Edwards
2014 USA Karate Gold Medal Champion

“When I Step on Stage, I have the Utmost Confidence from Head to Toe!”

breast revision scottsdale - the carlotti cosmetic surgery center“After having my implants for years and not being happy with how asymmetric and wide spaced they were, my husband, Joe Valdez of PT by Joe, suggested we see Drs. Carlotti. He had gotten to know Dr. Albert thru NPC Fitness Shows and knew he was a perfectionist for symmetry and truly understood the demands we place on our bodies. All I can say is I am so thankful that my husband and I made the decision to go with the Carlotti Center. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results! Thank goodness I did NOT go back to my previous doctor…. Dr. Albert Carlotti and Dr. Michelle Carlotti are an amazing team and the results that I got, given what they were working with, are absolutely beautiful!!

In addition, Dr. Michelle is an artist with filler, Botox, and skin to make you look and feel beautiful. She really renewed my confidence from a previous horrible experience.

As an IFBB Bikini Pro, when I step on stage, I have the utmost confidence from head to toe!!”

Lisa (TJ) Kelly-Valdez – Read TJ’s Full Review here

IFBB Bikini Pro


“Empowering Myself to Look and Feel Better”

Carlotti TestimonialAt 53 years of age, empowering myself to look and feel better for both the present and the future remains an enduring personal goal!  Private consultations with Drs. Michelle & Albert Carlotti led to an actionable plan regarding diet, exercise and elective surgery.

My journey included a mini face lift, eyelid lift, laser peel and periodic injectables.  Admittedly, my decision to undergo these procedures was more maintenance focused and less about purely enhancing my appearance i.e. vanity or the often read about search for the “Famous Celebrity Face”.  Being intellectually honest, I came to the realization that as I age, my diet, level of exercise and commitment to a healthy life style in of themselves may not be enough to preserve a youthful (vibrant) appearance.  For me and I am sure many women there exists a sense of self-confidence / empowerment associated with our appearance.  I could not be more proud of the results!

With the help and support of the Carlotti Center and of course my husband I was confident I would be in trusting hands.  Knowing Drs. Michelle & Albert Carlotti as I now do – their professional background, genuine care for their patients as well as their competent staff – I would not use any other surgeon.  They are simply the best!  This unique husband & wife plastic surgeon specialist team are most talented, professional and trustworthy.

Cheryl Mendez


“Transformed My Breasts!”

Breast Augmentation - testimonial





Dr. Michelle Carlotti transformed my breasts in ways I was told were not possible. I had uneven, saggy breasts with large areolas. Four surgeons turned me away saying that the anchor scars that were necessary to lift, level out my breasts, and shrink my areolas would be extensive and I would be less happy with them than I was then.

I am here to tell you that Dr. Michelle made the perfect, even breasts
with tiny areolas like I wanted, and that after a year the scarring is nearly imperceptible. Actually even if I could see the scars I would still love my perfect new breasts. I’m so glad that I trusted Dr.Michelle to do what so many other doctors could not.

Thank you Carlotti Center!!

“I Havn’t Looked Like This Since I Was 20!”

Abdominoplasty Scottsdale Arizona - Carlotti CenterI am 50 years old. OH how time passes. I have always been shy and embarrassed about the way I look but over the past few years I have met the most amazing Drs. EVER! With their talented team, kindness of the staff and of course the expertise and knowledge it helped me make a decision that I had struggled with for years.

I have 3 beautiful children, but I was not lucky like some women who have children-their skin bounces back like a teenager again. NO not for me the stretch marks were so bad and SO many it was like having a pillow on my stomach which really made me feel unattractive to my lovely husband.

I struggled many years with this embarrassment before I had the courage to have the procedure done. After I made up my mind I was wondering WHAT took me so long!!! The Carlotti’s listened tentatively to all my concerns and they had all the right answers and they just made me feel like everything would be OK… abdominoplasty-scottsdale-arizona-before-and-after-2

The most amazing excitement for me was WHEN I saw TRULY saw my stomach after all those years-I just sat down and cried. I hadn’t looked like that since I was 20—so this had meant a lot to me. I have even worn a 2 piece swim suit ( only around the pool at home and around my husband) BUT that is huge!!!

I can’t begin to express the heartfelt gratitude I have for them-they truly are a gift in my life and I will thank them always for what they have “given” to me…..SMILE on a woman’s face says it all…..:)

Smiling inside and out  ~ L. A. from Scottsdale, AZ and Beaverton, OR

Dr’s Note: L. A. came to us after a Scottsdale board certified cosmetic surgeon attempted to treat her abdomen with liposuction. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons describes liposuction as: “Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits, improving your body contours and proportion, and ultimately, enhancing your self-image.”
As you can see liposuction is not so simple and actually carries one of the higher revision rates cited by the Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery literature with revision rates averaging 10-15%. Liposuction was actually developed by a dermatologist, is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed, and can be effectively used to remove subcutaneous fat.
However, note many variables factor into a result that is never static as the patient will continue to age and may or may not have fluctuations in their body composition and hormonal influences. Rod Rohrich, MD, et al of the University of Texas, Southwestern’s Plastic Surgery Department published a retrospective study looking at weight fluctuations and noted that “among those patients who gained weight, only 29 percent thought their appearance was excellent or good.”
KN Chang of California Pacific Medical Center discussed in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal the results of 22 patients where 43 areas of postliposuction contour irregularites were analyzed, ie averages to each patient having two notable irregularities.
He noted “methods of correction include 1) liposuction of the area of protuberance, 2) liposuction around the area of depression, 3) simultaneous fat grafting, and 4) dermolipectomy”. In LA’s case, in our opinion, the abdomen was actually over-liposuctioned causing a tethering of the now to thin, excess skin and as you can see in the profile the abdomen still pooches slightly as a result of the remaining diastasis or separation of the muscles.
A type IV abdominoplasty (aka tummy tuck or dermolipectomy) was completed so the excess, damaged skin could be removed and the abdominal muscles tightened with a corset stitch technique to give LA back her abdomen of her pre-pregnancy 20’s.

Eyelid Lift and Cosmetic Laser Re-Surfacing

Eyelid Lift Patient Brian from Scottsdale


In May of 2013 I had cosmetic Laser re-surfacing on my face and an upper and lower eyelid lift procedure. The surgery was performed by Drs. Albert and Michelle Carlotti of the Carlotti Center, Scottsdale, AZ.

After the initial healing there was very little discomfort and I followed the post operative care exactly as Dr. Michelle Carlotti had instructed. I was fully healed in about 3 weeks, with only some minor redness which lasted about 2 more weeks.

Here I am 9 months later and I could not be happier with my results both from the surgery and from the professional, courteous Drs. and staff.  This was my first cosmetic procedure and I was apprehensive about the potential results.

I now look 10 years younger and there is virtually no scarring or signs of any incisions.
I cannot say enough about the fantastic team at the Carlotti Center and have recommended them to my family and friends.

Thank you Drs. Albert and Michelle Carlotti, I could not be happier that I made the choice to have my procedure done with you and your team!

Brian T. from Scottsdale, AZ, CEO of HIRE SOURCE


 “Form Improves Function” A Reconstructive Rhinoplasty Story

Carlotti Center Reviews Rhinoplasty Scottsdale Krystie“At 2 years old I broke my nose for the first time. It quickly became clear to my parents and myself that I was not the most coordinated child and my nose seemed to bare the brunt of this problem. By the age of 13 I had broken my nose 7 times. Nose bleeds and sinus infections were a part of my everyday life and by the age of 14 my parents and I decided it was time to put an end to this. Being “too young” for a rhinoplasty my only course of action was to get my deviated septum under control until I was old enough to fix the appearance of my nose.Carlotti Cosmetic Center Reviews, Rhinoplasty  - Krystie D

I went to an ENT and had a Septoplasty in hopes to fix my breathing. As the swelling began to subside I began to notice a major change, and it wasn’t my breathing. The bridge of my nose had gone from being pronounced (with a few bumps) to being significantly reduced with a swoop that looked like it had been inspired by a Dr. Seuss book. At the age of 14 going from a “Big” nose to a “Little” nose was actually kind of exciting! I got a new nose that at the time I thought looked great and I wasn’t even expecting it! Life was good. However, as I aged and my nose continued to grow the bones on the side of the bridge began moving farther and farther apart; and my breathing became worse than ever (Even before my first surgery).

By the age of 21 my nose was quite literally falling down around me. As I had experienced once before drastically changing the shape of your nose makes a significant difference in your appearance and sometimes not always a good one. I was determined to find a Dr. that could do one thing… just give me a bridge. I didn’t want Jennifer Lopez’s or Angelina Jolie’s nose I just wanted my own (whatever that was). After meeting with several Dr.’s and doing extensive research on reconstructive rhinoplasties I finally met Dr. Albert Carlotti. I was instantly impressed by the level of attention and detail he paid to my facial structure; and I appreciated his minimalist approach. For the first time I was comfortable with a Dr. and I knew that he was the Dr. I would choose. It took me over a year after my first consultation to book surgery because I was still so apprehensive. I was so terrified of coming out of surgery looking like a different person.

As my surgery date approached I met with Dr. Carlotti a few more times and my nerves slowly began to disappear. By the day of surgery I wasn’t nervous at all I knew I was in good hands. I met Dr. Michelle the morning of my surgery and that gave me another level of comfort. Up until that point I had only heard Dr. Albert rave about his wife and I had never met her in person. When she walked in my room with perfect skin and perfect makeup I felt even more assured that my results would be great. A woman that knows how to apply makeup to enhance her beauty and not cover it up is the kind of woman you want in the operating room giving her stamp of approval on the outcome.

Surgery and recovery were a cake walk. I never felt pain, I never got sick, I did not even bruise or swell like I anticipated, even better was that I LOVE my nose. For the first time ever in my life I feel like I have the nose that God gave me, the nose I would have had if I had never broken it. Dr. Albert told me that “Form improves Function” and he was right. I can breathe better than ever and it seems so silly but nothing feels better than taking a big breath of air. Dr. Albert and Dr. Michelle are amazing Dr.’s and they have done a great job putting together a Staff that complements their business perfectly. I would recommend the Carlotti Center to anyone. They are kind, trustworthy, and their results speak for themselves. I am truly grateful for all they have done for me and my nose!”

Breast Augmentation, and Abdominoplasty For ONE FIT MOM!

I was very fortunate to find the Carlotti Center after a great deal of research on quality surgeons who could help me achieve my physique goals.  I’d spent a great deal of time working to transform my body and as many women know, sometimes you need a little extra help.

I immediately connected with Dr. Michelle Carlotti at my initial consultation. Her skills and credentials were outstanding but what really convinced me I was at the right place was the genuine care and concern she expressed for her patients.  Both she and Dr. Albert Carlotti completed by breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, partial lift coupled with a hernia repair in their center.

They walked me through every step of the process.  As a fitness model and talent, my physique is extremely important and I so grateful to have had the assistance of Dr. Albert and Michelle Carlotti.  Once a patient you are like family at the center and that makes all the difference to me.

Kim Miller, Two-time Nationally Published Fitness Cover model, Fitness Writer and Co-Owner of Fit Mom Diet 


“Only 10 Days After Surgery”

I have wanted a nose job since I was 13 years old.  I have been extremely self conscious about the bump in my nose and have always felt uncomfortable with people looking at my profile.  I used to try and hide behind my hair and was always trying to perfect my “pose” in photos to get the nose to look okay.

In my mid 20’s, I felt for a little while that I had grown into my nose and was more accepting of my appearance so I kind of let go of my dream of having a better nose.  Well, after a couple of kids and stress, I felt that my face was thinning and my nose was becoming more prominent.

I have had a few breaks along the way and never did anything about it.

After doing lots of online research about local cosmetic surgeons, I started doing interviews with different doctors and found the Carlotti’s and their amazing staff.  I have been treated like a family member the entire way through my process.  They are an incredible team and I would highly recommend them to anyone.  Changing your nose is a pretty big deal.  I wanted to look like me, but a prettier version, with a nice nose without that big bump in it.  Dr. Carlotti took several pictures of all angles of my nose on the initial consultation visit.  He put together a game plan to fix my nose and enhance my features like my eyes and my smile.  Taking out just the bump on my nose would have made it really pointy.  He created a nice feminine tip and took out the bump and I couldn’t be happier.  I am constantly smiling and enjoying the nose I wish I had been born with.

My husband loves it and says it looks like the nose I was born with.

I can now wear cute little hats (before I thought they exaggerated my big bumpy nose) and I proudly wear my hair pulled back, not self conscious of people looking at my profile anymore.

The nose job did not hurt a bit.  It was worth every cent.  I would do it again in a heartbeat and I kind of wish I would’ve done it sooner.  I am so thankful for the care I have received every step of the way.  From Shannon at the front desk, to Jennifer, my patient care coordinator, to Emma the nurse and Ashley the surg tech….Every team member has been so kind and loving and I am grateful for the Carlotti’s and their cosmetic surgery expertise.


Liz Veit

“Only 10 days after surgery and I couldn’t be happier-Thank you Drs Carlotti!”  – Liz Veit

 Less Than 5 Months Post Surgery!

Carlotti 4D Face Lift Testimonial

“15 Months ago, I had the 4-D Facelift procedure performed by Drs. Albert & Michelle Carlotti. I am extremely pleased with my results! From the first Consultation to my last appointment, I have so say that they have provided the highest quality of care and follow up, as have their entire staff. It is amazing to me, how talented they are in the art of cosmetic surgery and they have restored my youth, which I couldn’t have asked for more!

Even my “X” told our Daughter, that I looked like I did when I was 25!, and I’m 60! Who could ask for more ~ I’m me, but OH SO MUCH BETTER!!

Thank you, Drs. Albert & Michelle – I’m so happy to be a patient & you’ve made me feel like part of the family – you are both so personable!

If you are thinking of having any elective cosmetic surgery done, don’t go to ANYONE but the Drs. Carlotti! I would recommend them anytime!!”


Joni Christie

 “I undertook a great deal of research and knew that the Carlotti’s were the only doctors for me.”

“Several years ago, I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been in my life. I had put all of my focus on my career and family, and pretty much ignored my health and overall appearance all together. I was tired all of the time and never had the energy to work out. Until one day my son challenged me to take karate. Once I did, I never turned back.Breast Augmentation Testimonial ScottsdaleI trained up to 17 hours a week and lost the weight. However, my body didn’t look quite right. Not to mention, health indicators in my family predisposed me to breast cancer. So I scheduled a consult with the Carlotti Center . I was so impressed that Dr. Carlotti took as much time as I needed to go over my options and answer all of my questions. I undertook a great deal of research and knew that the Carlotti’s were the only doctors for me.”

Mary E., Scottsdale