Neck Lifts in Scottsdale & Phoenix

No more Turkey please! (Neck lifts)

With patients coming in to our office seeking facial rejuvenation, often times the most common request we get is “can you get rid of my turkey neck.” Patients will tell us that they were at a recent event and someone took a picture, and they saw themselves in profile and OMG!

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The truth is that most of us do not see ourselves in profile that often, except perhaps in candid photographs. The loose skin, fullness beneath the chin and the loss of the defined jawline all are parts of facial aging and the good news is that neck lifts can resolve this problem with aging. How?

The fact is that as a procedure, an isolated “neck lift” won’t really do it successfully. We don’t walk around on all fours. Gravity just does not seem to affect us in that way. Rather it is a forward and downward vector of the entire face that leads to the sagging neck. In addition, the muscle that spans from the collar bones to the lower jaw, the platysma, becomes paper thin and separates at the midline of the neck causing unsightly banding. The fat pad that used to hide behind that platysma muscle lurches downward at the midline and there you go, turkey neck! Plus, as we age, skin loses tone and elasticity due to sun exposure, diet, and environmental issues and or bad habits like smoking.

Neck Lifts A Reconstruction of Youth

Correction is really reconstructive in nature. Meaning, neck lifts are really a “reconstruction of youth.” We as surgeons must put things back to where they came from in an natural way so that our post-op result does NOT look operated. Neck Lift Scottsdale - Dr Carlottis This involves removing that droopy fat pad, tightening of the weakened platysma muscle, re-draping the skin upward and backward (often times in conjunction with a facelift) and then using an Active FX carbon dioxide laser to tighten and tone skin. This is all accomplished with incisions that conceal quickly. Patients are in light make up in a matter of 8-10 days and back to work. Pain is extremely minimal and most patients take pain meds for only 1-2 days.

The neat part about this tried and true technique which we here at the Carlotti Cosmetic Surgical center have used for over 11 years on over 1000 patients is that results last. Once we make these repairs, you never will go back to the “full turkey.” Sure, as you age, skin may loosen again requiring minor touch-ups between 5-10 years depending upon the patient, but it will never go back to where it was because the suturing techniques we use are permanent in nature at the level of the underlying muscle. Are you a candidate for having a 4D  face lift procedure?

To learn more, we need to see you in person. Make a consultation with either Dr. Albert Carlotti or Dr. Michelle Cabret-Carlotti and we will literally show you what is possible!