Skin Care Services

The Skin Care Center at the Carlotti Center for Cosmetic Surgery is an elegant and private MedSpa for skin rejuvenation. Under the direction of Dr. Albert Carlotti and Dr. Michelle Cabret-Carlotti, our licensed medical aestheticians offer physician-directed skin care treatments including chemical peels, botox and cosmetic fillers, dermal fillers, laser treatments and more.

Skin Care Treatment
Skin Care Treatment

Your medically prescribed skin treatments are received in a warm, professional, and safe environment using medically proven, safe and effective physician strength products. Our MedSpa aestheticians are masters at ensuring a healthy balance of rejuvenated skin, relaxation and results. Treatments are available for pre-operative and post-operative skin care, fine lines, acne, dull complexion, clogged pores, hyperpigmentation and overall skin improvement.

Treatments at The Skin Care Center at the Carlotti Center for Cosmetic Surgery include:

Chemical Peels

Our chemical peels include mild glycolic and alpha hydroxy peels. Each treatment is customized to your specific skin type and condition and multiple treatments may be recommended to achieve the desired result. Results will vary depending on the condition of your skin and other factors.


Microdermabrasion treatments are extremely popular and are easy and painless, with no down time. The New Apeel Diamondtome Wand System is the most innovative skin rejuvenation system currently available, removing layers of skin by polishing it with natural diamond chips. No messy crystals! A vacuum pump then vacuums up the dead skin particles onto a dime size filter. Microdermabrasion treatments can be combined with other skin care therapies for improved results.

Lymphatic Facial Massage

Lymphatic facial massage is a special massage treatment that helps patients recovering from facial surgery in reducing the swelling associated with facial trauma. Our patients greatly benefit from these recommended facial treatments in speeding up their recovery.

Rejuvenating Facials

Rejuvenating facials are corrective skin care incorporating Five Star pampering. Facials are custom designed to specific skin conditions and skin types resulting in healthier beautiful skin.

FotoFacial Skin Care Treatments

Pore size, irregular pigmentation, telangiectasias (small red blood vessels) and skin irregularities are all components of skin aging that are treated effectively, safely and predictably with Fotofacial technology. This is an out patient procedure performed with only topical anesthetics. A series of treatments, depending upon the severity of the condition, is typical and may be combined with other skin care treatments (microdermabrasion) to enhance results.

Active FX and Deep FX Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Few other skin treatments/surgical procedures affect the topography and tone of the skin better than Fractional Laser Treatments. Active FX treatments are for less severe cases of poor skin tone, sun damage and irregular pigmentation. Deep FX treatments accomplish true skin wrinkle removal by causing actual collagen crosslinking within the skin itself. These procedures are often performed under an IV sedation anesthetic as an out-patient procedure.