Facelift Surgery in Scottsdale

Are the Drs. Carlotti practitioners of the 4-dimensional facelift technique?

Residents of Scottsdale seeking facelift surgery don’t have to settle for a plastic surgeon that relies on traditional facelift techniques. These techniques often result in a tight, hyper-pulled look. The Carlotti Center for Cosmetic Surgery is home to the husband and wife team of Dr. Albert Carlotti and Dr. Michelle Cabret-Carlotti. The two perform plastic surgery procedures including nose jobs, Rhinoplasty, eye lifts, brow lifts and more, and as renowned facelift surgeons have modified and perfected the revolutionary Four-Dimensional Facelift technique. This technique, which has been used in a number of celebrity facelifts, helps to contour and reposition the muscles, bone and skin for a more natural look. It also consists of multiple smaller procedures, which allows for faster healing. The Drs. Carlotti are committed to exceptional results and unrivaled patient care, and invite you to learn more about the revolutionary Four-Dimensional Facelift technique.

Scottsdale FaceliftScottsdale Facelift

We know there are many Scottsdale plastic surgeons to choose from. The truth, however, is that not all of them are created equal. Opting for facelift surgery is a big decision. The Drs. Carlotti will meet with you pre-surgery to make sure you know everything there is to know about the Four-Dimensional Facelift technique, and will answer any and all of your questions before moving forward with your procedure.

  • The Four-Dimensional approach shapes the skin, muscle and bones for a more natural contoured look.
  • This approach is actually several smaller procedures in one, which allows for faster healing
  • You will not experience the tight, hyper-pulled look associated with traditional facelift surgery
  • The Drs. Carlotti are skilled and highly respected facelift surgeons who have modified and perfected the Four-Dimensional Facelift technique

In the hands of skilled cosmetic surgeons such as the Drs. Carlotti, the Four Dimensional Facelift procedure lends itself to a previously unseen level of facial rejuvenation. No longer do facelift patients have to risk or settle for the tight, unnatural look often associated with traditional facelift surgery. Trust your facelift to the Scottsdale plastic surgery experts at the Carlotti Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

Restoring your natural, youthful appearance is more possible than ever today thanks to the Four-Dimensional Facelift procedure. Schedule your appointment with the highly respected facelift surgeons at the Carlotti Center for Cosmetic Surgery to fully educate yourself as to this procedure. Learn more about the Four-Dimensional Facelift.