After having my implants for almost 20 years, it was definitely time to get them redone. I was very unhappy with how asymmetric and wide spaced they were.  I had considered going back to the original plastic surgeon but my husband, Joe Valdez of PT by Joe, had met Dr. Albert Carlotti during one of the NPC Fitness Shows and had suggested that I make an appointment to talk to him.

I found it amazing that as a surgeon he also competes as I do in the world of fitness and for me being an IFBB Bikini PRO, symmetry is extremely important. I immediately felt he would have a better understanding of the demands we place on our bodies and the symmetry I need to be and stay extremely competitive.

When we met with him, he made me feel so comfortable and he spent a lot of time with me explaining what needed to be done to make my breast look even again and for my implants not to sit so far apart. So different than anywhere else I had ever been.

I was thoroughly impressed, as was my husband. At that time, we talked about size and what type of implant I would want and what would be best for my overall look I’m trying to achieve especially with me being an IFBB Bikini Pro. His professionalism and knowledge of the sport I participate in made my mind up… it would be Dr. Albert Carlotti and Dr. Michelle Carlotti at The Carlotti Center that would redo my implants.

TJ and The Drs Carlotti

 After picking my date for the surgery, I had my preop visit with Dr. Carlotti and staff so we can finalize our plan as far as size of the implant that would be used and how the procedure would go… all of these years I thought I had 500cc implants that were rippling so badly it was visible through my skin.

Day of surgery, I was obviously slightly nervous but everyone on their staff was there to help and made me feel extremely comfortable! I remember feeling a sense of calmness as I went to sleep knowing I was in good hands.

As the awesome husband-and-wife team proceeded to operate on me, they found two things that were very wrong: one being that the implant size that I was sure for 20 years was 500cc was definitely NOT 500cc and that my old implants had been way overinflated and likely why they were rippling so badly and were upside down!  Along with that, they found that my chest wall was concave.  Dr. Carlotti spoke with my husband to make some quick decisions in regards to where they would have to go from there. The decision was made to stay above the muscle and go with a little bit larger implant due to my chest shape.IFBB Bikini Pro Lisa Kelly-Valdez Carlotti Surgery Client

All I can say is I am so thankful that my husband and I made the decision to go with the Carlotti Center. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results!! Thank goodness I did NOT go back to my previous doctor…. Dr. Albert Carlotti and Dr. Michelle Carlotti are an amazing team with unparalleled expertise, devotion, and kindness. The results that I got, given what they were working with, are absolutely beyond beautiful!! I could not be happier!

Now, when I step on stage, I have the utmost confidence from head to toe!!

IFBB Bikini Pro Lisa Kelly-Valdez